Practicing shading and resist work

This was an initial exercise in shading and using an ivory, sharp point to create the veins.  This is called resist work and is one of the first set of techniques we cover

Blue Butterfly

I was asked by a local art group to teach them how to do a butterfly.  

The photograph was taken by my husband and I prepared a gridded picture as well as the original for the class to work from.  

These are the end results

We had two session of 2.5 hours

The Bark Project

They wanted to do bark.  We did bark!

Okay, so maybe I over did it, but the plan was for everyone to paint bark in different mediums - we 'did' bark in coloured pencil first (just to lull everyone into a false sense of security) then in watercolours.  

After that we used acrylic paints, acrylics with palette knives, texture paste and paint and finally in mixed media.

Check these out!

Permission granted

Thank you National Geographic

National Geographic very kindly gave permission for us to 'do' their fabulous bear photo.  

We used black, silver, bronze and gold pencils then two shades of green and cream.  The second set were in acrylics.

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