Meet Eileen

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Eileen Stevens-Williams

Art and crafts tutor

I am a committed teacher and love sharing information and helping people learn how to express themselves with art and crafts.  I am happy working with individuals as well as small and large groups.


About me

A very short bio...

After many years working a variety of crafts, I had an urge to take up sketching - something that I had not done since my teenage years.  I was still unable to produce anything that looked like I wanted it to, but a photograph of one of our puppies triggered a desire to work on black paper.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I have a reputation for capturing the personality and character of the animal I am drawing.  The essence of each animal is within their eyes, which I strive to capture within my portraiture.  I provide high end portraits of cats, dogs, elephants, meercats, horses and any other animal.  These are based on the client’s own photographs that are a guaranteed true likeness of the animal.