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Teacher of Arts and Crafts

My name is Eileen and I work from home, in Cornwall, UK.

I started using coloured pencils five years ago and am self-taught in their use.  Because I am not very good at free-style drawing, I developed a way of creating pet portraits that is fool-proof.  Other people in my village saw my work and asked me to teach them how to paint their own.  I developed a process that broke down the stages of creating an animal portrait and have successfully taught individuals and groups.

I passionately believe that everyone can create works of art.  Although I teach a process, I do not impose a style on learners and I encourage people to find their own style.

Once the process has be learnt, my classes are a mix of taught, techniques, content and assistance with learners' personal projects.  We also explore other mediums to enable people to make an informed choice regarding how they want to progress in their art.


Available Classes

I offer a variety of classes either on an individual or group basis.  As a fully qualified teacher, I enjoy passing knowledge I have gained to anyone who is interested.


Clay Work

Making all kinds of embellishments

Polymer clay allows us to make our own embellishments from silicone moulds or freestyle


Card Making

A personalised card

Making a card for someone says that you care enough to spend time in making something special for that person


Art Classes

Individual or Group

Personal or group classes offered to enable those who say they cannot draw create their own work



This is such fun!

Creating individualised journals is great fun and they make amazing gifts for people

“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse

Restorer Using Scalpel